Remote camera monitoring ghost

Remote camera monitoring ghost
What is the use of this software?
Many friends want to get a software, using it can open any cameras on other computer,Unfortunately, this software is not up to that job.If you get one , don't forget to give me a copy, ha ha!
What is the use of this software? please look at the below picture.As the picture,a camera in computer A, run this software in computer A,Then you can access The camera in another computer on internet.
For example:Run it at home computer,then you can see you home by another computer on internet in company or Any where. You need to do is only input like MMS: in IE browser

Main Features

  • Supports most video capture device!
    Captures video stream from any video device including USB cameras, Analog cameras connected to capture card, TV-boards, camcorders with FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface and from Network cameras. Software is easy to use and interface beautiful.

System requirements

This windows program requires in Windows XP/VIST/NT/WINDOWS 7 operating systems. All older versions of Windows are not supported!