About Dobest Software Studio

Established to create advanced software projects, Dobest Software Studio is the brainchild of Kevin zhang. The goal of Dobest Software Studio is to develop quality and practical software enjoyed by both the developer and user alike.

By taking the perspective of an ordinary user, Dobest Software creates tools that let people discover the new ways to enjoy their life as a computer user. The company puts a special emphasis on usability and feature set. Every detail of the interface in its software is carefully designed and tested. Each feature is carefully chosen in collaboration with the real end-users like you.

What helps Dobest Software stand out? Over the last 10 years, We have taken part in several successful shareware projects. This gave him a solid ground in programming and experience required for advanced software development. Dobest software works fine with multi-core processors .

Contact Us

We provide Email support, request new features, report bugs and contact the developer directly.
Before contacting the developer, please take your time to read program help files first.
(Please use a reasonable subject and do not forget to include the program name) Program names: Camera capture monitor, Remote camera monitoring ghost, Super Dvdate, Screen recorder ghost.

How to report a bug?
Please make sure you read the help files carefully before submitting a bug report as you may find it.
In the bug report, include the following information:
 1. Version of the program and OS you are using
 2. Error messages you receive (if any)
 3. Script that reproduces the bug (if any)

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